Food Test Kit
Test Kit for Pesticides in Food; pesticides test kit

Test Kit for Pesticides in Food
(Phosphate and Carbamate Group, Organochlorina, Synthetic pyretheroid, Cholinesterase inhibitors)
     Pesticides and insecticides are poisonous agents limited for agricultural use only. Target sample fresh vegetable and fruit, salted fish.
Health Impact
     consumption of food contained pesticide residue can cause weakness, low immunity. Obtaining high concentration of pesticides can cause dizziness, vomiting, dyspnea, and cardiac arrest.
Effectiveness of Test Kit
     To detection of toxic residue Phosphate and carbamate groups  organochlorina, Synthetic pyrethroid, Cholinesterase inhibitors reagent in food within 1-2 hous.
Detection limit 0.05 mg./Kg.
Test / Kit
     10, 30Tests/ Kit
Shelf Life
     12 Months
     4-8 C

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