Water Testing Kit
Water Test kit

Orlab’s kits & labs have been designed for on-site testing with the users in mind. Kits are inexpensive, reliable and simple to use with accurate results.
  • Water quality testing
    1. Bacterial Test Kit
    2. Single Parameter Test Kit
    3. Multi Parameter Test Kit
    4. Single Parameter Testers
    5. Digital Aqua Kit
    6. Portable Microbiological Lab
    7. Portable Water Analysis Lab
  • Soil Testing
  • Instruments and Equipments
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Water Testing Kit 5 Update Data

      Digital Testing
      Test Kit for Free Residual Chlorine in Drinking Water
      Test Kit for Colifrom Bacteria in water (DOH11)
      Test Kit for Detection of Hydrogen Sulfide in Water (V810)
      Iron Field Test Kit

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